Declutter Your Home in a 4 Week Declutter Challenge? Done!

Woman standing in front of a shelving unit full of boxes of clutter to sort through during a 4 week declutter challenge.

In the final round of my 4 week declutter challenge, I had to start thinking harder about what to declutter. But I found another 234 items to let go of this week and crossed the finish line.

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Challenge completed! Week four of my minimalism challenge is o-v-e-r. 🙂 Embarking on a 4 week declutter challenge is a great way to get your home in order. Wrapping up this final week of 30 days of decluttering, I wanted to share once again what I weeded out. I tackled a variety of tasks day by day, going from hobby supplies to kitchen items, and even getting rid of a good chunk of my magazine collection.

During the last week (actually nine days) of this challenge,  I sorted out 234 items in total. All in all, I’ve cleared out a total of 465 items while playing the minimalism game. I’m really quite chuffed that I got through week 4 because as the numbers kept climbing, I had to give more thought to getting all my items together each day.

Doing this challenge has freed up space for the things I really use, especially in the library where most of the unused hobby stuff was hogging up room in my cabinet and collecting dust on shelves.

Looking for some inspiration to start your own #minsgame? Check out the detailed review of my experience with the entire decluttering challenge. It has some good tips to get you going on your own declutter journey. My free printable PDF checklist can also help you tackle decluttering your home, or just give you some impetus for creating some fresh and clean corners here and there in your household.

You don’t need any special cleaning supplies to get going on a 4 week declutter challenge. Some trash bags or baskets to rein in what you sort out should suffice. You can proceed room by room, or just bounce around like I did before you move on to the next space. The 30 day declutter challenge will help you focus on one area or one type of item at a time. It’s also a great way to get motivated for an upcoming house move, or a larger overhaul of your space on your way to a clutter free home.

For me, it was a fun foray into living lighter and I really like how I was able to clear out a lot of stuff that was taking up space in my of cabinets and drawers. It also gave me the opportunity to weed out anything that’s broken. My whole place genuinely feels more clean and organised now than it did last month. Plus, I made money decluttering along the way by selling some things!

Day 22: Getting Rid of Kitchen Clutter

I was excited to start week 4 of the minimalist game and kicked it off by sorting out 22 items from the kitchen.

Photo of items from a kitchen clearout decluttering session, including magnets, protein powder, water filters, takeaway menus, and a bottle opener. All the objects are set on a white table in front of a white wall.

I tidied up a couple of corners in the kitchen and weeded out some expired protein shake mixtures. Plus some rusty fridge magnets, a portable water filter I never used, a bunch of pamphlets, takeaway menus, and some other random stuff that was taking up precious space in my tiny kitchen.

Day 23: Decluttering Hobby and Office Items

On day 23 of the declutter your home challenge, I sorted out 23 miscellaneous hobby and office items.

Photo of a bunch of hobby items that were decluttered during a 30 day minimalist game. the hobby supplies include packets of photo inkjet paper, notebooks, knitting needles of different sizes, a 7 inch single, and ear protection usually worn at shooting ranges.

This random lot included knitting needles, photo inkjet paper for an inkjet printer I had 20 years ago (🙈), scripts I no longer need, a mailer full of earplugs, glasses and ear protection for the shooting range I don’t visit anymore, as well as a 7″ vinyl single an ex-boyfriend forgot at my place. Finders keepers lose their weepers! 😁

Happy to be saying goodbye to all this stuff. I work from home and my desk has no drawers, so this stuff was just in the way in my cabinet.

Day 24: Art and Hobby Supplies

Moving right along to day 24, I parted ways with 24 art and hobby supplies.

Photo of an old wooden oil paint kit from the 1960s, rather beaten up. Propped against it is the artist's palette with layers and layers of dried up, bright oil paints. Inside the kid is an empty terpentine bottle and some cut up paint by numbers boards to test the paints on. Next to the kit are some craft supplies such as beads, paper cut-outs, clay tools, and a plastic box to organise small bits in. The items are placed on a table table in front of a white wall.

I seem to have a lot of hobby stuff I no longer need and have been wanting to clean it up for awhile. So the 4 week challenge was a golden opportunity to get rid of the clutter and get organised in here.

This lot features my dad’s broken oil paint box from Japan, which he bought in the 1960s and I’ve been schlepping around since the 1980s 🙈, some clay tools, a plastic storage box, and beads and embellishments. I don’t use anything from this load of stuff so off it goes.

Day 25: Junk Drawer Cleanout

Day 25 was dedicated to cleaning out a junk drawer. I cleared out 25 items, including CD-Roms, keylaces, broken toys, pins, knick-knacks, fuzzy duplicate photos and tape that had dried up.

Photo of around 25 pieces of random items typically found in a junk drawer such as masking tape, keychains and lanyards, old CD-Roms, a luggage lock and key, and a hook.

When I’m working through a drawer, I always start by emptying it out completely. Then I wipe it out and put things back one by one while I decide what to keep and what to throw away. I find it’s one of the faster ways to organise and declutter at the same time.

Day 26: Paper Clutter

On day 26, I went head-on with more paper clutter. I wouldn’t say I hoard paper stuff, but I do have an affinity to it and had held on to many reference materials over the years.

Photo of a stack of old magazines and product brochures laid out on a white table in a fan shape.

Nowadays I digitise the stuff I want to keep with my Scansnap and save it to my paperless files in Evernote. It works great for me, so I can let this bulk ‘o pulp here go.

Day 27: Arts and Craft Supplies

Day 27 drew me back to decluttering arts and craft supplies again. Almost all of the paints, fimo clay, stamp pads and pens here are dried up and unusable, No idea why I still had them.

Photo of colourful craft supplies that were sorted out, including inkpads, fimo modelling clay, pens, and paints, all on a white desk.

The model paints are still new but I don’t need them after all. I’m giving them to my fave kids’ charity with the next batch of donations I’ve been putting together for them during my 30-day challenge.

Day 28: Oil Paints and Supplies

On day 28, I said goodbye to 28 more oil paints and supplies. These are ancient! And gunky! And dirty! Dried up, even!

Photo of colourful dried up oil paints and brushes atop a white table.

These oil paints were all part of the kit my dad bought in the 1960s, which I had decluttered on day 24 further above. I have not used them since the late 1980s (🙈) and it’s totally time to let them go.

Day 29: Photographic Equipment on My Challenge Checklist

Day 29 of the 4 week declutter challenge was dedicated to decluttering 29 pieces of photographic equipment and darkroom supplies. This entire lot is going to the local kids’ charity I support. They are always looking for hobby-related gear for their various after-school groups for underprivileged children.

Lot of miscellaneous photographic equipment sorted out during a decluttering challenge. The items shown include analogue, Polaroid, and digital cameras, a camera bag, instruction booklets and manuals, film, and vellum envelopes for photos.

This is probably more than 29 pieces with the additional camera lenses and photo paints, but at some point I stopped counting. I also added a ton of polaroid film from new-old stock for the kids to experiment with. It had all been stored safely in my fridge so it’s still good.

I’m parting with these cameras and photographic equipment because I just don’t use them anymore, and haven’t in years. They’re taking up precious space in my small place. Since I already sold my darkroom equipment when I moved in, I don’t need the miscellaneous supplies for that anymore, either.

This was probably the most sentimental batch of stuff I decluttered in this entire challenge. When I was a teenager and young adult, I had wanted to become a photographer, but it just never happened for me.

Day 30: Magazine Clutter

I made it to day 30! On the final day of the 30 day challenge I bid farewell to yet another stack of pulp: 30 magazines.

This is a really nice lot of collectors’ issues from Hermès, Polaroid, and Rubber Stamp Madness. Off to eBay they go. If nobody takes them after ten days, they’ll be hitting the paper recycling bin.

It feels great to be done!

The End of the 4 Week Declutter Challenge

I decluttered a total of 465 items during this challenge and I’m loving my more organised home. This challenge freed up space for the things I frequently use and helped me realise the importance of letting go of items that no longer serve me.

Image showing 9 tiles of photographs of different items sorted out during the fourth week of a 4 week declutter challenge

Over the next 4 weeks I’ll now be taking more time to do the things needed to turn my clutter into cash. Quite a few items still have to be properly photographed and listed online. In general though, I feel like I got my life organised over the past four weeks. It may not be possible to completely declutter your house in 30 days, but if you live in small quarters like I do, the minsgame definitely frees up room in your home.

If you want to make your home more manageable, too, but you’re not sure what to declutter first or don’t know where to start, check out these three things you can declutter today. And don’t forget to click here to download your free printable decluttering checklist!

Once you begin, it gets easier to be more discerning about anything you don’t need, stuff you’ve only worn once or twice, and what you need to declutter in every room. I definitely found it helpful to group like items together while I was doing the challenge, which you might have noticed in my roundups of week 1week 2 and week 3.

Just a little bit of time each day over four weeks really does make a big impact. I already feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders simply when I open up a drawer and see how neat and tidy it looks. THAT sparks joy.

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Have fun!

Remember that the journey towards a decluttered home is a step-by-step process. Every item you let go of is a step towards a more organised and clutter-free home. Good luck on your decluttering journey!

Illustration of a girl sitting cross-legged on the floor of a messy room before starting a 30 day decluttering challenge
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