10 Eco-Friendly Organising Products Under $40

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Eager to get your organising game on, but you find the clear plastic storage bin trend alarming? Here are 10 eco-friendly organising products that will get you sorted – without causing harm to the environment.

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many eco-friendly organising and household products that are affordable and accessible, even if you’re on a budget. Here are ten great sustainable products you can use in many areas of your home. They all cost under $40/€40.

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Eco-friendly organising products are made from natural materials, making them a great alternative to traditional plastic organising products. Most of my picks on this list are made of bamboo, which grows very rapidly – even in degraded land. It’s therefore not just a sustainable material, but also effective in climate mitigation.

Get Organised the Eco-Friendly Way

Before you can organise anything, it’s a good idea to declutter the area in question first. After all, you don’t want to be organising stuff that you don’t even want to keep.

Assess your items and determine if there is anything you want to donate, discard, or put up for sale on eBay. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll have a better idea of what you need in terms of organising. Having everything organised will save you time and energy in the long run, so it’s definitely worth investing in organisation solutions that work for you.

Before you go and buy new organising products though, see if you already have any items that you can potentially repurpose. This could be anything from using empty candle jars to store makeup brushes in the bath, or using some nice empty shoeboxes to corral scarves in your drawer. You don’t always need to buy new stuff to tidy your old stuff!

When you do make new purchases in the organising department, look for eco-friendly materials like wood, recycled plastics, and stainless steel.

Eco-Friendly Organisation Products Under $40

There are plenty of great home organisation products out there that are budget-friendly and sustainable. Magnetic strips with hooks are a good way to keep smaller items organised. Perfect for hanging keys, aprons, or kitchen towels! You can find bamboo caddies for your shower essentials, and reusable grocery bags for produce and trips to the store are super practical.

Here are my ten best eco picks from Amazon at the moment:

Bamboo Drawer Organisers

This 8-piece bamboo organiser is a great alternative to plastic, and it's useful all over your home from the kitchen and bathroom, to your closet and workspace.

It's made from natural bamboo with wood board bottoms, making it an eco-friendly option.

You get a set with four different sizes, which allows you to customise your layout to fit different drawer sizes. Perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dresser, junk drawer, or nightstand drawers to organise kitchen utensils, cosmetics, makeup tools, hair accessories, batteries, charging cables... you name it!

These are not dishwasher safe, but cleaning them is easy – you only need a slightly damp cloth.

Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer

These shelf organisers look so trivial but I swear once you have them in your kitchen cabinets, you'll never want to miss them again.

You get a set of four standing racks in this set, and they're easy to assemble. These racks are stackable and expandable, so you can place two shelves stacked, nested, side by side, or in an L shape to fit your cabinet space.

Made of solid bamboo and metal, each stand can hold up to 33 lbs. You might also find these handy at your desk!

Kitchen Counter Basket with Bamboo Top

These stackable wire baskets are super practical thanks to their bamboo top. Plus, you can add your own little custom labels to them.

The large sized basket is ideal for storing a variety of items. Use it in the kitchen for fruit and vegetables, bread, coffee pods and more. You can even use the bamboo top as a cutting board.

In the pantry or cabinet, these are great for storing snacks, supplies, or tools. Or pop them underneath your bathroom sink for your curling rod, flatiron, and hairdryer.

Made of premium materials, the top is 100% natural bamboo and BPA-free. The wire basket is coated with a food-safe powder coating for rust-free durability.

Record Storage Boxes

Raise your hand if you still love LPs 🙋🏻‍♀️

This record storage crate is constructed from high-quality solid wood with a natural wood grain. The crate's handle holes provide a secure grip so it's easy toting your collection from a shelf to your turntable.

These are perfect for space-saving and convenient record storage, and you can organise up to 80 albums in one crate.

Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids

These are handsome looking, versatile, eco-friendly food containers you can use to organise your meal prepping, leftovers, or as a lunch box.

You get a set of five containers made from premium borosilicate glass, and each has a smooth, polished bamboo lid for a total of 10 pieces.

I think you'll like how durable these are, and they're totally free of plastic, BPA, and phthalates.

The glass is safe for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, and the bamboo tops are freezer-safe, too. The clear, non-reactive glass resists stains and smells, plus you can use the bamboo lids as little cutting boards.

Recycled Plastic Storage Bin

Here's another eco-friendly organiser that comes with a lid. 

A versatile bin like this is perfect for use in every room, from the kitchen and office to the bathroom. It comes with a coordinating lid with raised edges to keep items in place and provide additional storage space on top of the bin. The bin can be stacked to create a customised storage solution in cabinets, under the sink, and on shelves.

Made of durable BPA-free recycled polypropylene (RPP) and a Paulownia wood lid, it's strong enough to stand up to daily use. The bin features a modern coconut white and natural wood finish to match different decor styles.

Seagrass Baskets with Lid

These rectangle woven baskets are made of natural seagrass, which is both lightweight and durable.

They have a sturdy wireframe so they'll keep their shape for long-lasting use. The baskets feature a lid and three compartments, allowing for easy organisation of batteries, cosmetics, belts, scarves, office supplies, coffee pods, laundry tabs, or whatever else you can think of!

Available in two colour tones, you'll also like how the wood button fastens close so items won't fall out.

Glass Jewellery Box

This little jewellery box from Umbra has a clean aesthetic and combines unexpected materials for a functional and visually appealing place to park your trinkets. The brass lid and two-tiered design pretty much work with any decor.

The unit is comprised of two tiers stacked upon one another, and you can use the lid as an additional tray. Inside the bowls there's room for your favourite costume jewellery, and the unit looks cute on top of a dresser or nightstand.

Bamboo Makeup Organiser

Here's another durable and eco-friendly organiser for your bath. This makeup station is a neat way to store and organise your makeup brushes, skincare products, perfumes, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipsticks and more.

The vanity organiser features a bottom drawer that can be used to store accessories, and its removable dividers can be configured to fit your storage needs. You could also use this cosmetic organiser for jewellery. Its compact design makes it perfect for tight spots in the bathroom, closet, on your vanity counter, dresser, tabletop or even your office desk.

Made from 100% natural bamboo, this organiser is a sustainable choice and its waterproof coating makes it easy to wipe it clean.

Eyeglass Organiser

I have so many pairs of glasses and love this nifty organiser. It works in the closet or atop the dresser, and is made of pure natural bamboo.

With six slots, you can easily pick your favourite pair when you need them. The tray comes with four silicone pads to prevent scratching. You could also use it equally well for jewellery, twillys, cosmetics, socks, ties, or in a kitchen drawer.

Additional Tips for a Greener Home 

If you’re keen on making even more tweaks to your home to make it more green, why not switch out your lightbulbs? LED bulbs produce 75% less heat than traditional bulbs, are more energy efficient and last longer. So you’ll use less electricity and save money on your energy bill.

For cleaning around home, you might also want to try using natural eco-friendly ingredients right from your kitchen. For example, vinegar and baking soda can help with tough stains. And in most stores nowadays, you can find environmentally friendly laundry detergents and eco dishwashing liquids that are not only “green,” but also safer for you and your family.

In conclusion, eco-friendly organising products are a good way to reduce your environmental impact while keeping your home or office organised. By switching to more sustainable products, you can make a small but meaningful difference in reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment. After all, every small change we make can contribute to a larger overall impact on preserving our planet.

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