woman holding brightly coloured shopping bags in the air, tossing her head back with a huge smile on her face
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Why Does Spending Money Feel Good?

Shopping stimulates certain regions of the brain, providing positive feedback that gives you a short rush of something similar to happiness. In extreme cases, this can spur shopping addiction. Understanding the connection between your brain and your wallet can be a first step in curbing spending and being more intentional with your money.
Young blond woman sitting at an empty white table. Dollar bills floating out of her hands. All that clutter used to be money.
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So What If All That Clutter Used to Be Money

The next time you feel remorse over past purchases or feel annoyed by all the money you've spent on clutter, take a moment to let it go and be easy on yourself. You can't change past habits, but you can build new ones and move on.
Photo of a thirty-something white male sitting in front of a Christmas tree with an opened gift box on his lap. He has pulled out a pair of drab grey slippers with his right hand, and touches his temple with his left hand with a facial expresssion of slight dismay as he holds up the gift.
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8 Things to Do With Unwanted Presents

So you got a gift over the holidays or for your birthday, and you hate it? Don't banish it to the back of your closet! Here's what you can do with unwanted presents—without causing any awkward feelings.