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The creator of Tidymalism shares what Tidymalism is about and invites you to join her on a journey towards navigating life alone in between minimalism and maximalism, with style. Discover home organisation tips, decluttering ideas, smart storage solutions and ways to live more intentionally, lightly, and simply by consuming less.

I founded Tidymalism in February 2021 as a way to document a 30-day declutter project I was embarking on.

Coming out of an eleven-year corporate gig at the time, I was feeling exhausted. I was suffocating in both mental and physical clutter, and the pandemic wasn’t helping either. I knew I wanted to make a change and konmari’ing my home seemed like a pretty good start.

My first posts were short snippets, but Tidymalism quickly grew into more. A place to share ideas and best practices around household management. A place to explore a space in between minimalism and maximalism, without the dogmatism, but with a clear focus on living more intentionally, mindfully, and simply. And, of course, a place to discuss some super organising and decluttering tips to live more lightly. With less stuff and more free time.

I live in a small penthouse and love clean, modern interior design. After having had many very differently coloured flats and furnishing styles throughout the past thirty-odd years of living alone, I now find white walls and a very curated selection of knick-knacks in my current home to be comforting.

When I’m not busy organising and fighting clutter at home, I’m a senior principal consultant in the field of localisation, internationalisation, and language operations.

I have free capacities for new clients, new projects, and new connections. If you are a company or individual who would like to explore something with me, please do reach out via my Contact Page or DM me on my social media. I would love to hear from you whether it’s about home organisation, guest posts, or localisation.

About Tidymalism

Because I live alone I am partial to the the solo-household perspective. I think it’s one that is very under-represented in the realm of home organisation blogs. That said, I always have other living situations in my mind’s eye when drafting my articles.

Whether you are single, married, have kids, live with flatmates or with your partner, rent, own, or still live at home: I think you’ll find a lot of useful takeaways in my articles. You might like to check out my popular posts on how to start a low-buy year, what I thought about the book Swedish Death Cleaning, or how to declutter art supplies that have piled up over the years.

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