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This wee shop features a curated selection of some of my fave organising items, decor objects and a few other fun things to browse.

I value simplicity, quality, and aesthetics and these chic products complement a minimalist home. Each item you see is curated based on its functionality, design, and ability to seamlessly fit into a more minimalist lifestyle.

As an Amazon Associate, Tidymalism may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, but this comes at no extra cost to you. Please see my disclaimer for more information. My mission is to help you simplify your space and amplify your life in the spirit of “less, but better.”


A selection of minimalist, functional, and chic closet organisers that not only keep your items in place but also blend seamlessly with your decor.

Bath & WC

Give your bathroom a wee upgrade with these elegant, simple, and practical bathroom accessories. (I love those marble trays, and they come in many more colours!)


These kitchen essentials combine simplicity with sustainability and functionality for a modern, minimal kitchen space.

Interior Decor

I could browse interior stuff all day long! Whilst I’ve scaled back the amount of knick-knacks I have on display in my home over the years, I still love the white-on-white look with a pop of colour here and there, and I’m a huge fan of the Uten.silo. Here are some of my favourite picks for a minimalist decor that can add a touch of fun to your living space.

Small Furniture

These are sleek and functional furniture pieces that can maximise your space without sacrificing style.

Home Office

If I could only have three things at my desk, it would be these guys. These minimalist office essentials help me stay clutter-free and tidy at my workspace.

Must Reads

If you’re into any form of home organisation or just want to start downsizing, these are the three holy grails I highly recommend. If you want to avoid accumulating yet more book clutter, some of these are completely free to listen to on Audible! I personally love my Kindle Paperwhite and wouldn’t want to miss it.


Here are my picks for minimalist bedroom essentials that promise a serene, clutter-free space for a restful night’s sleep. The pillow spray is truly amazing by the way, and I even bring it with me on long distance trips to help beat the jet lag. 😴


I love plants and there are some great ones out there for a minimalist household, such as the Schefflera or Philodendron. They really infuse a touch of nature into a minimalist home. Here are some handy plant helpers I use for my own low-maintenance indoor gardening.

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