The Best Decluttering YouTube Channels to Organise Your Life

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If you’re looking for some declutter with me type videos to start getting organised, look no further. These 11 YouTubers have plenty in store to inspire and motivate you!

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As we’ve saddled well into 2024, the quest to declutter and organise our spaces remains a pivotal resolution for many of us. At the same time, YouTube is packed with home organising influencers who transform chaotic homes into serene sanctuaries. If you’re still feeling a bit stuck, checking out some of these organising experts is a great way to kick yourself in gear!

How I Selected These Channels

When I fell down the ‘ole YouTube rabbit hole this past winter and surfaced a bunch of cool new cleanfluencers to watch, I ran into a bunch of good professional organiser channels and playlists as well.

For this round of best decluttering YouTube channels, I wanted to go beyond cleaning tips to find YouTubers who offer a blend of motivation and actionable tips and tricks to transform your home. You might recognise a couple of these folks from past posts featuring inspiring podcasts in the cleaning and organising niche, or my declutter blogs roundup. Rest assured they’re still active and their vlogs add a whole new level of guidance.

So whether you’re drowning in messy clutter or just looking for budget-friendly, simpler ways to manage your space more efficiently, these channels provide a plethora of strategies to help you organise your home – and by extension, your life.

2024 Picks for Best Decluttering YouTube Channels

Carissa Cleans It All

With over half a million subscribers, Carissa’s YouTube channel is your weekly dose of extreme cleaning and decluttering motivation. Her energetic videos are packed with tips to help you tackle even the most daunting declutter projects. Watching her comb through her entire house in this video totally made me want to get up and go do some decluttering myself:

Dana K White

Dana of A Slob Comes Clean fame is an essential resource for anyone looking to simplify their physical and mental spaces. She brings reality-based decluttering strategies to her followers, making organising and cleaning accessible to even the most reluctant homemakers.

If you’re getting ready to move house soon, check out her “trash tour” tactic and other tips for your moving process:


With over 865k subscribers, the Clutterbug channel is a treasure trove of organising tips, offering weekly advice on how to declutter and organise your space. Her newsletter and podcast provide additional tips and a recipe for a clean home each month.

If you’re looking for some transformative home organisation solutions or just want help figuring out what you actually need, the Clutterbug has you covered.

Ronald L. Banks

Ron’s focus on minimalism and personal growth through decluttering has inspired over 200K subscribers, and he’s on a mission to help one million people. His videos are a guide to simplifying your life, embracing minimalism, and finding peace in less.

I like listening to his stories about his path to more intentional living, such as in this video about the five steps he took to get rid of stuff, get organised and make his life less complicated overall:

A to Zen Life

With nearly 300k subs, this channel is a testament to how minimalism can drastically improve your life, offering viewers a chance to follow a journey from clutter to clarity.

The founder of A to Zen Life shares minimalist lifestyle habits and DIY organising tips for families aiming to create a tidy, minimalist home. Her video about “frugal” stuff that actually wastes your money hit home with me since I’m all for quality over quantity.

Small Changes

Sarah’s channel is a hub for minimalism and decluttering insights, particularly for those managing large families on single incomes. As a professional organiser, her practical, change-oriented advice teaches viewers to simplify their lives one small step at a time.

In this video she clears up a tonne of decluttering myths:

Minimalist Home

For those overwhelmed by clutter, Robyn from Minimalist Home offers humorous, ADHD-friendly organising tips and hacks to declutter both your physical and mental spaces. She’s all about finding joy in simplicity and making your home a happier place. A habit of regularly reviewing what we own can enhance this joy!

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Christina Mychas

Christina’s journey from a shopaholic to an intentional spender offers a unique perspective on decluttering and organising. From financial habits to stylish capsule wardrobe tips, she offers up tricks and advice for those looking for satisfaction in what they already own.

Check out her channel for a fun mix of minimalism, sustainable money mindset, and shop your closet content:

Taryn Maria

Taryn’s practical advice on decluttering and simplifying life is straightforward and actionable for busy folks. She often shares DIY organising solutions that are easy to implement, and focuses on creating a clean and organised home that enhances your lifestyle.

I like this video in which she took James Clear’s Atomic Habits and applied them to decluttering:

At What Cost

Combining simple living with deep faith, At What Cost offers a distinct approach to decluttering. Marybeth walks you through decluttering habits that can improve your mental clarity and spiritual health, all whilst reaching a new level of organisation.

Some useful tips to find more balance throughout your space, eliminate stuff you don’t use, and keep the house clean:

Bonus: Minimalistic Verena (German Language)

As an honourable mention on this year’s list of best decluttering YouTube channels, I wanted to look closer to my own home. Verena’s channel is an inspiring gem for German-speaking audiences—and with YouTube’s caption feature, her tips are accessible to everyone.

She takes viewers on her hardcore minimalist journey, offering decluttering tips and lifestyle inspiration. Toggle your captions if you’re curious how she lives even without a refrigerator. Respect!

If you’re not sure where to toggle video captions to your default language so that you can watch international content, it’s super easy:

Step 1

Click CC at the bottom of any video’s settings to turn on closed captions.

Step 2

Then tap or click the Subtitles/CC setting.

Step 3

In the Subtitles/CC settings, toggle your language to Auto Translate.

Share Your Favourite YouTube Channels for Declutter & Organising Tips

Who do you subscribe to? Have you found inspiration to declutter and organise your life through any other YouTube channels? Drop a comment below with your current fave YouTubers, organising videos, and personal picks for the best decluttering YouTube channels!

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