Cleaning YouTube Channels to Keep Your Eye On in 2024

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There are so many great home org YouTubers out there. Here are 10 rising cleanfluencers worth hitting that subscribe button for.

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I’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately and fell down the cleanfluencer rabbit hole. There are so many fresh faces to check out over there, I thought I’d surface ten cleaning YouTube channels I think are worth sharing. Whether you’re a cleaning enthusiast or need some motivation for a big deep clean day, there’s a little bit of something for most everyone in here.

How I Picked These Cleaning YouTubers

There are a lot of big YouTube cleaning influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers (or even more than a million subscribers, like Melissa Maker). They already make a very good full-time living through their following. So I thought it would be more interesting to have a look at smaller cleaning YouTube channels and see what they’re up to.


With the exception of one creator on this list, all of these channels are considered small in the world of YouTube.

In contrast to my posts featuring declutter bloggers and cleaning and organising podcasts, I looked for content that’s from YouTube creators with less than 50k subscribers and who are active, with at least ten videos published in total.


My definition of “active” was admittedly a bit loose. After all, I know how tough it is to stick with a consistent schedule when you’re starting out with content creation. That said, I did check to see if they had posted within the past couple of months. ✓


Of course, I also considered the content presented by each YouTuber. Channels that cater to niche cleaning or had unusual takes and an appealing aesthetic caught my eye. All of these channels though are generally less focused on decluttering and tidying, and more devoted to specific cleaning hacks or have a ‘clean with me’ focus.

Whether you’re looking to tackle stubborn stains, maintain a tidy living space and clean home, or just need some extreme cleaning motivation, these folks are worth checking out.

10 Cleaning and Organisation Channels Worth Watching

Honestly, I just love turning on vlogs like these to keep me company when I’m speed cleaning the house. Maybe your new favourite cleaning YouTuber is in here! 

1. Cleaning with Karrie

Grab your apron, it’s time to get up and clean! With close to 49k subscribers, this channel focuses on the day-to-day of small household maintenance through the lens of a dedicated stay at home mom with two kids. Karrie, the face behind the channel, navigates her newfound homeownership journey with a blend of cleaning, decluttering, and organising vlogs.

Her authentic display of everyday challenges coupled with her passion for maintaining a tidy home is motivating and makes her channel a cosy corner for those seeking inspiration in their own space.

Video by Cleaning with Karrie

2. Spoonful of Cleaning

Spoonful of Cleaning, helmed by Ashley Wright, is a bastion of support for wives, mothers, and homemaking enthusiasts juggling the myriad tasks everyday life throws their way. With a modest but engaged following of over 12k subscribers, Ashley shares “clean with me” videos that resonate with the perpetual hustle of domestic life.

Her channel is growing as a comforting community where no mum feels isolated in the daily grind, and I like the way she keeps things real.

Video by Spoonful of Cleaning

3. Cheerful Cleaning Hanne

Coming at you from Belgium, Hanne has been consistent with her weekly uploads and crossed the 1k subscriber mark on her modest channel, Cheerful Cleaning Hanne, where she offers a wholesome venture into the realms of household management, cleaning, and grocery planning. Her weekly uploads are peppered with additional shorts and offer a laid-back yet motivating perspective on tackling household chores. Her content is a soft nudge to viewers, encouraging them to take the reins of their domestic domain with a cheerful spirit.

I like how she keeps most of her talking parts to the start of the video and then just gets to it. This is the kind of channel I enjoy putting on play when I’m cleaning the kitchen or clearing clutter in the bathroom.

Video by Cheerful Cleaning Hanne

4. Maria Clean With Me

Next up on my list of cleaning YouTube channels might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s clever in terms of niched down content creation. Maria has uniquely blended super simple cleaning routines at home with a mildly risqué take. Her body-con outfits may have helped pull in over 32k subscribers, and the channel has carved out a niche for itself by intertwining elements of a silent performance with ASMR effects – and just a hint of racy intimacy that’s borderline innocent. 😇

The result is an almost meditative cleaning experience for viewers. Definitely a bold, creative approach to the whole cleanfluencer trend.

Video by Maria Clean With Me

5. Clean That Up

With a whopping 416k subscribers, Clean That Up is the epitome of generational cleaning expertise distilled into engaging video content. The channel’s host, Brandon, is a third generation janitor who passionately imparts cleaning wisdom covering a spectrum of cleaning dilemmas, from paint stains to slime messes. His earnest endeavor to simplify cleaning for his viewers has made his channel a go-to hub for practical cleaning solutions, tips and hacks.

Stinky dishwasher? Scrub Daddy vs. Scrub Mommy? Budget cleaning products? Brandon dives into it all, and his good mood is contagious!

Video by Clean That Up

6. Green Rhino Project

Green Rhino Project, with nearly 11k subscribers, is all about carpet and floor cleaning. Plus, it’s a treasure trove for aspiring entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry. Spearheaded by a fellow named Tommy, the channel offers a blend of how-to videos, before-and-after demonstrations, and genuine customer testimonials. Tommy’s expertise and willingness to assist his viewers transcend the screen, making his Green Rhino Project a valuable resource.

Tommy does short and long form videos, talk-throughs and also silent “watch me clean it” type videos where he rips through carpet dirt and grime. Good mix all around, and there’s something so satisfying about watching a dirty floor get spic ‘n span again.

Video by Green Rhino Project

7. House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

This channel is cool because the clips are compact and specific. House Cleaning Tips & Tricks caters to a respectable audience of nearly 20k subscribers, serving as a repository of effective and cost-friendly cleaning tricks. The channel’s focus on homemade DIY solutions encompasses a range of cleaning arenas from fabrics and carpets to kitchen and bathroom cleaning. It’s a haven if you’re looking for tried-and-tested, budget-friendly cleaning methods delivered in a straightforward manner.

I like the overall format of this channel. The clips are purely visual, solution-oriented, and straight to the point with simple steps.

Video by House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

8. Queen of Clean

Linda is the Queen of Clean, a best-selling author and a seasoned cleaning expert with over 20 years of experience. Although she has been on a hiatus, her compact and actionable cleaning hacks, amassed from her extensive career, continue to serve over 10k subscribers. Her past accolades, including appearances on Oprah and Dr Phil, and her own show on DIY Network, add a layer of credibility and allure to her YouTube channel.

If you’ve got a deadly onesie diaper blowout to deal with, Linda’s got your back. Literally.

Video by Queen of Clean Official

9. Home Cleaning Tips by Yesy

Yesy’s channel puts a different spin on cleaning your home: it’s a tender narrative of her cleaning journey intertwined with her healing path from depression and anxiety. Through motivational cleaning, Yesy finds a therapeutic outlet in her cleaning routine that will help foster gentle strides towards improved mental health.

Just seven months young, the videos on her channel have attracted less than 500 subscribers but she has a massive following on Instagram so she’s sure to gain a tonne of traction.

Video by Home Cleaning Tips by Yesy

10. The Clean Loft

Tendy, the cleaning professional behind “The Clean Loft,” opens the doors to a realm where common household cleaning woes meet simple, effective solutions. Her decade-long experience in the cleaning industry enriches her videos with invaluable tips, tricks, and product reviews, aimed at helping her 23k subscribers transform their homes into peaceful oases.

She also does a lot of content on neat Dollar Store finds, and she’s got some nifty toilet paper tricks up her sleeve, too.

Video by The Clean Loft

What Are Your Favourite Cleaning YouTube Channels?

Whether you’re a house wife or single, are a clutter bug with a somewhat messy house, or are already tidy, clean and organised: we all need to clean at some point during the week no matter what our situation is. For me at least, tuning into “clean my space” type videos on YouTube helps motivate me to get up and get stuff done lest I procrastinate.

Do you watch cleaning and organising videos to help keep your house clean or get motivated? Drop your vlog recommendations and links to favourite cleaning motivation videos in the comments below!

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