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Last Updated on 18/11/2021

I love scrolling through decluttering and organising blogs to read about intentional living, minimalism, tidying, and interior styling. They provide so much inspiration for my own life and home. Yet there are so many great blogs out there, it can be hard to keep up with them all.

So this week I’ve picked 10 of my current favourites for you to explore!

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Whether you’re single and live alone like I do, have kids, or if you’re just looking for more inspiration to get motivated at home: There is something here for everyone.

From bloggers who share their personal stories and experiences, to those who give you practical advice on achieving a clutter-free life, these 10 picks can help you organise your home, live more intentionally, and simplify your life.

Ready for some organising inspiration, decluttering tips, and home styling ideas? Let’s dig in! 🤓

1. Uncluttered Simplicity

Cheryl started Uncluttered Simplicity in 2016 and was joined by Esther in 2020. Together they provide a wealth of great tips for household management to help you declutter, organise and clean your home.

Small space organisation and minimalism for families are two other focal points, along with productivity and printables. Some of their most popular articles, and ones I’ve found helpful, too, include 21 Ways to Organize Kitchen Cabinets and 3 Things That Will Sabotage Even The Best Decluttering Efforts (with solutions!).

2. The Lifestyle Files

Viktoria from the stylish blog The Lifestyle Files is into “all things sleek and minimal” and it really shows. I love how she curates a really well-rounded mix of slow living, sustainability, fashion and beauty, and mindful business topics in her eclectic blog. (I’m also a fan of her Instagram!)

Two great posts of hers to start with: How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger and Sustainable Beauty Favorites for Summer.

3. Shannon Torrens Simple Living

From sunny California, Shannon runs a couple of YouTube channels and blogs at Simple Living. Minimal home decor, simplified style, fun projects and loads of decluttering tips can be found here.

Check out her 14 Day Minimalist Challenge if you want to get cracking on some decluttering. If you need additional motivation, she has 8 Tips to Get Motivated Now with real-life images from around her own home. I also liked the 43 Things We Don’t Buy Anymore as Minimalists from her Saving Money category. I have some overlap with my own list of stuff I stopped buying in between minimalism and maximalism, but she gave me a few new ideas 👍🏾

4. Simple Lionheart Life

If you’re on Pinterest and follow anything remotely related to home organisation, intentional living, or minimalism, chances are you’ve come across Melissa’s content. On Simple Lionheart Life, she shares her journey of simplifying her life and home over tens years ago, provides a load of insight on minimalism from an introvert’s perspective, and shares some darn good decluttering tips.

Two motivational posts of hers to start with are Why I Became a Minimalist: My Story of Life with Less, and 7 Steps to Declutter your Home and Embrace Minimalism. I like Melissa’s down to earth writing style and how she keeps it real in her Home Tours.

5. Start With the Bed

Juliet is another blogger I discovered through Pinterest. She shares super practical cleaning tricks, organising ideas, gardening tips and much more on Start With the Bed.

She’s not afraid to cover uncomfortable topics. Check out The Best Way to Remove Blood Stains from Carpet, for example. And if you’re looking for a checklist of inexpensive but effective home updates you can do when money’s tight, look no further: 16 Simple Home Updates on a Budget That Look Great.

6. Simply + Fiercely

Jennifer from Simply + Fiercely started her blog in 2015 and the impetus for doing so is one I can relate to. She describes herself as a former shopaholic and workaholic who had an overflowing closet and a big life. At least on the exterior. On the inside though, she says she felt as if she were suffocating. Woman, I hear you.

A great overview of minimalism and how to embark on such a journey is in her post Minimalist Lifestyle Guide: Tips + Inspiration for the Beginner Minimalist. As for me, I really need to dig into her article What To Do When You Have Too Many Clothes. I’m still struggling with my own closet on a lot of days 🙈

7. A Minimal Home

A Minimal Home is run by an architect slash interior designer who loves minimalist design. She shares her favourite design styles from Scandi to Japandi here. Plus she writes about home organising, and gives you a peak into her home tours.

I like the product tips she presents on this cleanly designed blog. Have you been working from home since the pandemic? Then you’ll want to have a look at her post with Home Office Declutter and Minimalist Office Design Ideas.

8. Be More With Less

If you’ve ever heard of the minimalist fashion challenge, Project 333, then you’ve heard of Courtney Carver, who runs Be More With Less. Oh, and if you’d like to jump into her next capsule wardrobe challenge, it’s starting in October.

Courtney has more cool stuff in her blog archives, and also does a podcast. Her topics range from intentional living and minimalism, to decluttering and lighter living. I found her articles Wardrobe Declutter: Remove These 10 Things From Your Closet Today and Need Peace? 10 Ways to Cultivate Quiet in the Chaos really motivating.

9. Balance Through Simplicity

Antonia from Balance Through Simplicity writes about a wide range of topics revolving around living a more simplified life. Productivity and decluttering are two of her big categories on the blog. Her posts on intentional living are also super helpful.

Two articles I highly recommend checking out are 30 Self-Care Ideas for Autumn (she has some really wonderful suggestions in here, especially if you suffer from seasonal depression when the days grow shorter), and 7 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries (check out tip #2 on that one!).

10. We Are Solo Living

We Are Solo Living is not explicitly from the realm of home organising and decluttering blogs per se, but I’m including it here for a couple of reasons. One being there are too few blogs out there devoted to managing life as a single person who lives alone.

Second, they have a fabulous community for solos and singles who talk about sustainable living, self-care, living alone and even solo travel. Two fantastic posts to check out are Tips to Reduce Waste in the Solo Kitchen and Kim’s Tips for Seeking Financial Independence Alone. Cool beans.

I hope you found this list of 10 decluttering and organising blogs to be helpful in your search for ideas and inspiration.

If you’re looking for more, check out Tidymalism’s previous blog posts which feature home organisation tips and a slew of decluttering ideas.

What’s your favourite blog at the moment? Was it on my list? Leave a comment and let us know what blogs you’ve been reading lately!

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