3 Easy Tidying Tips for Lazybones

Illustration of a man sitting on his cluttered couch in his very messy living room, in need of some lazy tidying tips to keep his place cleaner.

Feet dragging again? Here are three simple things you can do every day to stay tidy, even when you’re super lazy.

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How do you stay tidy when you hit the snooze button again and your feet are dragging?

When you’ve got the home office blues, and you’re sick of that pile of laundry staring at you from the corner?

Here are three lazy tidying tips you can start doing today—and every day—to make yourself more comfortable at home.

1. Make Your Bed!

Stop what you’re doing and go make your bed right now if you didn’t this morning.

Photo of a tidily made up bed with a white bedspread, greige coloured decorative pillows, a fake fur bed throw, and a rather sad looking sort of stuffed animal. The walls are white and to the left of the bed is a tall bright green plant. Making your bed is one of the best lazy tidying tips to keep your place looking cleaner.

Make your bed every morning after you get up and have aired it out.* Why? Because your bed makes up a huge focal point of your room, and if it’s tidy, the entire room is going to instantly look tidier.

Make doing up your bed every morning your new morning habit. It’s a two minute Investment of time that will elevate the whole look of your room and make you feel like a pro ready to conquer the day.

2. Do a 10-Minute Tidy-Up Every Day!

Next on my top three lazy tidying tips: find a small pocket of time and pick things up.

Ten minutes are manageable, right? If you hate tidying, pick a corner that’s bugging you, set your timer, and pretend you’re a pitbull on a rampage to put things back in their place.

3. Say Goodbye to Stuff You Don’t Like!

The ugly flannel nightgown Aunt Martha gave you for your birthday that makes you feel like an ogress?

That ginormous pair of Homer Simpson slippers you got at the office White Elephant exchange?

The homemade lip balm your cousin made you that’s harder than kryptonite and smells like a moldy fruit cup?

Let it all go. It’s taking up your physical space, and your headspace. You’re not obliged to your relatives, friends or co-workers to keep presents you don’t like, stuff you can’t use, or stuff you’ve outgrown.

Bonus Tidying Tips

*Air out your bed for a good 15 minutes before making it. Throw back the bedding, open the window to let fresh air in (yes, even in the winter), and let the four litres of moisture you perspired overnight escape your mattress before you make your bed.

Go put your coffee on while your bed is airing out, or start your routine in the bath. Then come back for your two-minute bed-making blitz and enjoy the sight of an immediately tidier looking room.

Et voilà!

The three best tidying tips include getting rid of things you don't like. Photo of a white Eames chair with wood legs, and a simple basket next to it.
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