Week 4 of Declutter Challenge

Image showing 9 tiles of photographs of different items sorted out during the fourth week of a decluttering challenge

Last Updated on 10/04/2022

Challenge completed! Week four of my declutter challenge is o-v-e-r 🥳

During the last week (actually nine days) of my 30-day decluttering challenge,  I sorted out 234 items. Most of them were hobby and art supplies, but some stuff got weeded out from the kitchen and from my stash of magazines.

All in all, I sorted out a total of 465 items while playing the minimalism game!

Doing this challenge has really freed up space for the things I really use, especially in the library where most of the unused hobby stuff was hogging up room in drawers and collecting dust on shelves.

Looking for some inspiration to start your own declutter challenge? Check out all the stuff I let go over the course of 30 days ➡ here. You might also want to read the detailed review of my experience with the entire decluttering challenge. It has some good tips to get you going on your own declutter journey!

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