A comic-like photo of a hand flipping through a huge stack of old documents
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Decluttering: Day 18

Eighteen folders’ worth of old documents. Tidied up a ton of folders and sorted out a huge stack…
Photograph of a random lot of 13 CDs that were decluttered. The CDs are laid out in a tiled fashion and we can see some artists like CJ Ramone, The Hellacopters and Collective Soul for example.
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Decluttering: Day 13

Thirteen CDs. Decluttered my CD collection today. I don’t much like these albums plus some of them are…
Photograph of underwear, gloves, bras and an eyeglass pouch that were decluttered from the closet during a 30 day tidyup challenge. The items are photographed from above against a white background.
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Decluttering: Day 10

Ten pieces of underwear and accessories. Saying ciao today to the once-beautiful fur-trimmed leather gloves I was given…
Photo of two piles of Apartamento magazines spread out neatly on a white table.
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Decluttering: Day 9

Nine  issues of Apartamento magazine. I held on to these issues of Apartamento and Mid Century magazine for…
Hello and welcome to the Tidymalism blog for home organisation, minimal clutter, and lighter living.
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Welcome to Tidymalism

Hi, I’m Jenna. I love staying organised. I also love stuff, but it can feel stressful when it…