Photo of clothing items sorted out from the closet. The clothes are neatly folded on a bed with a white bedspread, and include jumpers, trousers, underwear, two pairs of glasses, sweaters, t-shirts, and even a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume.
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Decluttering: Day 19

Nineteen items from the closet. The uncluttering continues… today I weeded out more jumpers, a pair of plaid…
Photograph of underwear, gloves, bras and an eyeglass pouch that were decluttered from the closet during a 30 day tidyup challenge. The items are photographed from above against a white background.
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Decluttering: Day 10

Ten pieces of underwear and accessories. Saying ciao today to the once-beautiful fur-trimmed leather gloves I was given…
Photo of six pieces of costume jewelery on a white table
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Decluttering: Day 6

Six pieces of costume jewellery. Some of these are just not in great condition anymore, and some of…
Juxtaposed photo of two identical blazers from Zara, one in white and one in black. A little "voila" emoji was added as an overlay to the image composition.
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Decluttering: Day 2

Two blazers. Blazers are a versatile wardrobe staple I love. You can throw them over a t-shirt and…
Photo of a pair of light grey socks against a white background.
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Decluttering: Day 1

One pair of socks. These socks never fit properly and they’re uncomfortably tight at the ankle. Since they…