Decluttering: Day 8

Photo of eight pairs of shoes laid out neatly on a clean oak parquet floor. The shoes include trainers from Nike, sandels, wedges, mules from Gucci, and a pair of Ferragamo ballerinas. They were all sorted out during a 30 day declutter challenge.

Last Updated on 07/05/2022

Eight pairs of shoes.

Yup. Like many women, I have a lot of footwear. The paradox is that I have huge feet and it’s quite difficult to find any shoes I like in my size (43). This often results in me purchasing shoes for the sheer fact that I actually found some in my size in the first place 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’ve accumulated too many pairs of shoes I just don’t wear, either because they hurt or they don’t fit my lifestyle. Plus, at a height of 188cm I can hardly fit through doorways if I’m in high heels.

Time to let this motley crew of sandals, trainers, and designer kicks go. I’m donating the sandals and listing the near-new shoes at a couple of online marketplaces. Good quality shoes in my size tend to sell well, given how difficult it is to source them. Plus, I’m happy to recoup at least a bit of the money I originally spent. (Check out my guide to making money with your own clutter!)

The silver Air Max 95s sneakers were the first Nikes I ever had that were uncomfortable. I wore them for one afternoon walking around and then never again. And the limited edition blue Nike Joyride ISPA trainers with the tags still on were an impulse purchase. I don’t know anymore what on earth I thought I’d wear them with, and if I haven’t figured it out by now, I likely never will.

(I’m definitely noticing a pattern here in my trainer purchases. It seems I tend to go all in when Nikes are on sale in my size. How many pairs of sneakers does one really need though!?)

Finally, the Ferragamo Varina flats are a tad too big, and the red Gucci Princetown loafers just a tad too small 😭 I loved the fuchsia suede heels but because I only wore them once in 20 years, their inner lining deteriorated and is peeling off everywhere! The other sandals are simply uncomfortable so it’s time to say…


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