Decluttering: Day 4

Photo of an Aiwa walkman, a Kodak vlogging camera in its original box, an ergonomic mouse, and a power bank. The items are lying on a white table and photographed from above.

Last Updated on 17/04/2022

Four pieces of electronic clutter.

Tackling a drawer of tech stuff today 📼 The Anker power bank was awesome at the time and came with a bunch of adapters for every situation, but nowadays I prefer a lighter, slimmer power bank.

I never used the Kodak Zi6* vlogging camera and am going to donate it to a kids’ charity I support since they don’t have smartphones.

The ergonomic mouse has just been sitting in its original packaging unused because I already have one. I’m giving it to a friend.

Also found a blast from the past: my old Aiwa walkman! It is well kept and fully functional with its original headphone and power plug, but I hardly ever listen to cassettes anymore and when I do, I use the tapedeck in the living room.


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