Decluttering: Day 29

Image shows a huge lot of photographic equipment, cameras, and darkroom supplie decluttered on day 29 of a 30-day challenge. Items include a Polaroid ProPack camera, a Canon G10 digial camera, a Canon EOS 650 camera with EZlight 420, photograph dyes, books, a bulk film loader, instruction manuals and more.

Last Updated on 04/11/2021

29 pieces of photographic equipment and darkroom supplies.

Decluttered a huge lot of great stuff for my local kids’ charity. They are always looking for hobby-related gear for their various after-school groups.

This is probably more than 29 pieces with the additional camera lenses and photo paints, but I stopped counting. Also adding a ton of polaroid film from new-old stock for the kids to experiment with, which is stored safely in my fridge.

I’m parting with these cameras and photographic equipment because I just don’t use them anymore, and haven’t in years. They are taking up precious space in my small place. I already sold my darkroom equipment when I moved, so I don’t need the miscellaneous supplies for that anymore, either.


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