Decluttering: Day 19

Photo of clothing items sorted out from the closet. The clothes are neatly folded on a bed with a white bedspread, and include jumpers, trousers, underwear, two pairs of glasses, sweaters, t-shirts, and even a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume.

Last Updated on 03/05/2021 by Jenna

Nineteen items from the closet.

The uncluttering continues… today I weeded out more jumpers, a pair of plaid trousers that’s way too cropped on me, a perfume, and old eyeglasses. Plus a pink denim jacket, t-shirts, and some random textiles from the bath that were looking rather raggedy. A couple of things still have the tags on 🙈

The worn out stuff is going to the bin. The eyeglasses are going to an ophthalmologist charity. A couple of jumpers are getting gifted, and the few good pieces are going up on Vestiaire Collective and Vinted.


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