Decluttering: Day 16

Photo of a tidy arrangement of items which were decluttered from the bathroom medicine chest. The apothecary items are arranged neatly on a white table and photographed from above. We can see a packet of expired aspirin, some zinc salve, tiger balm, a plaster and assorted drops and gels.

Last Updated on 04/11/2021

Eight expired medicine chest items & eight archive boxes.

Tidying up the WC and home office, and getting rid of some more
stuff. The Badger sleep balm was once great but it’s so old now, it has
no scent anymore. The rest of this stuff has also expired.

Photograph of a stack of eight cardboard archive boxes, typically used to house old tax documents. The boxes form a sort of lopsided tower and are standing in front of a white cabinet and white wall. The flooring is oak parquet, almost the same colour as the boxes, and there is a little ceramic French Bulldog sitting to the right on the floor, looking towards the tower of boxes.

Back over in the home office space, these Leitz boxes used to house my tax archives but now I have a tidier system in place that looks better. Someone from the classifieds was really quick to come pick up the boxes for free 👍🏽


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