Decluttering: Day 10

Photograph of underwear, gloves, bras and an eyeglass pouch that were decluttered from the closet during a 30 day tidyup challenge. The items are photographed from above against a white background.

Last Updated on 03/05/2021 by Jenna

Ten pieces of underwear and accessories.

Saying ciao today to the once-beautiful fur-trimmed leather gloves I was given by a boyfriend 27 years ago. I sure did get good use out of them, but now they really look scuzzy. The worn out underpants and bras can go, too.

Also found an antelope pin, a mini-sewing kit and a felt eyeglasses pouch in my accessory drawer which I didn’t know I had. And if I didn’t know I had ‘em and I didn’t miss ’em, I sure don’t have to hang on to them.


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